Amsterdam City Tours

Bus Tours – See Amsterdam by bus. Visit windmills, tulip fields, castles, beaches, villages, and more interesting sites around Holland.

Walking Tours – Get up close and personal with the city on foot. Join your professional guide for a look at the out of the way nooks and crannies, hidden squares, back alleys, historical monuments and more!

Private Tours – Private tours for you and your group.

Bike Tours – See Amsterdam by bike! Amsterdam bike tours allow tourists to cover more ground and see more of the city in less time. Riding bikes in Amsterdam is easy and fun. Just follow your professional yuide for a worry free ride through the city.

Group Tours – Group tours for 3 to 300, arrange a tour of Amsterdam for your larger group.

Multiple Day Tours – Enjoy Holland for multiple days with multi-day torus of me of the more outlying areas including Maastrict, Leeuwarden, and the Enclosing Dike.

Keukenhof Tours – Enjoy Holland’s famous flour fields. Book a tour of the Keukenhof with Amsterdam City tours and enjoy the best of Dutch Tulips.

Customized Tours – Bespoke tours tailored to your needs. Book completely customized tours arranged by an expert and led by a professional guide.